10 Reasons to Acquire a DiscGolfPark

Disc golf courses are inexpensive to acquire and build; a 9-hole disc golf course costs just a few thousand euros.
A disc golf course can be established practically anywhere.
Disc golf is suitable for all ages and both sexes.
A disc golf course gathers active club members, who are glad to maintain and develop the area voluntarily.
Disc golf is an inexpensive hobby – it only takes about 20-30 euros to get you started.
Areas that have suffered from vandalism, tend to get safer through establishing a disc golf course in the area thanks to increased traffic.
A 9-hole disc golf course has a capacity of almost 50 players, whereas 18-hole course has a capacity of almost 100 players.
A good and challenging disc golf course flocks players from surrounding municipalities and cities.
A well-designed and maintained pay-to-play disc golf course in the right location will pay itself back in just a few years – sometimes even in months!
Disc golf can be a lifetime hobby!