What is DiscGolfPark?

DiscGolfPark is a unique disc golf course concept developed in Finland. It is based on the idea of building sports facilities in an environmentally friendly way. DiscGolfPark is a trademark owned by Innova Champion Europe Ltd. It is a complete solution for establishing a disc golf course. DiscGolfPark concept includes professional course design and all equipment needed to build a versatile, interesting and safe disc golf course. Read more about the DiscGolfpark concept here.

DiscGolfPark Ideology

DiscGolfPark concept has been developed to bridge disc golf with it’s players growing needs. Our DiscGolfPark ideology is based on following values:

1) Naturality
Establishing a DiscGolfPark does not require big changes in its environment. Disc Golf is an environmentally friendly sport in terms of establishing courses and playing the game. Our ideology in DiscGolfPark design is that the course should be established with as few nature changes as possible to create a challenging course for players of all skill levels.

2) Versatility
A well-designed disc golf course suits players of all levels. Disc golf is a sport that should offer challenges for all types of players. We plan and design disc golf courses with a dozens of years of experience. Our principles in course design are balance, fairness and safety.

3) Affordability
DiscGolfParks are easy to establish. A pro-level 18-hole DiscGolfPark costs only a fraction for example of the cost of a tennis or basketball court. A disc golf course of this size can entertain up to 90 players simultaneously, making the cost per user very low. Disc golf is a low cost and fun sport, which is why its popularity is growing fast.

DiscGolfPark® is a registered EU trademark of Innova Champion Europe Ltd.