School DiscGolfPark – A New, Exciting Sport to Schools!

The purpose of physical education in schools is to provide students with versatile and fun possibilities, which could even lead to a long-time hobby in sports. The best forms of exercises are the ones that make you compete against yourself but can be enjoyed with friends.

School DiscGolfPark offers the students a new and interesting form of exercise for the physical education classes. A course suitable for schools can be designed even on a small area, for instance a school yard. Furthermore, the costs of a School DiscGolfPark are lower than those of regular DiscGolfParks.

School DiscGolfParks consist of either 3 or 6 holes.

School DiscGolfPark includes:

Inexpensive Sport Facility Construction

Affordability is one of the most significant benefits of a School DiscGolfPark. The total cost of a School DiscGolfPark is only a fraction compared to the cost of traditional sports facilities. Depending on its size, a School DiscGolfPark can be established with a budget of 2000-3000 pounds. Compared to many other school yard sports facilities, the cost is very low.

School DiscGolfPark Products

School DiscGolfPark includes everything that is needed for playing or training disc golf in a sports class. School DiscGolfPark includes the following products:

DisCatcher -targets InfoBoard – course information TeeSign – hole information Design Services Starter set of discs