Disc Golf as a Camp Activity

Disc Golf. Frisbee Golf. Whatever you call it, it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.


There are an estimated 200 disc golf courses on camp facilities in the United States, that number is expected to grow by around 10-20% in 2017. These growth numbers show that more and more camps are realizing that disc golf is a great activity to add to their programs. It’s inexpensive and has little to no maintenance costs. While there are many reasons why you should consider disc golf for your camp, below we highlight the five major reasons that disc golf might be your next great camp addition.

Five Reasons Why You Should Offer Disc Golf at Your Camp

  1. Disc Golf is very simple to add into your camp programming. The rules and throw are very basic. This makes it easy to educate your camp counselors and then in return, teach your campers.
  2. Disc Golf is easy to implement in to any size or type of camp. For camps with some space, your options for Disc Golf can include a permanent course. DiscGolfPark® will work with you to safely establish a course on your property. Our professional course designer will visit your site and design a safe and interesting course. In an effort to make it as easy as possible for you, we also provide the TeeSigns, TeePads, Targets, InfoBoard along with all necessary artwork and mapping for your signage. Did you know that a 9-hole course can accommodate up to 50 kids at once and be established on as little as 5 acres?
  3. You’re short on space. This is not an issue, but an opportunity. For the camp that may be low on space, lightweight portable targets are available to purchase. In this scenario, you can set up and break down your own course any time. Simply use cones to designate the teeing area. Campers can now enjoy Disc Golf and you can offer Disc Golf on a budget. Setting Targets up in a gym and making up new, creative games are fun for both staff and campers alike.
  4. Disc Golf is a lifetime sport! Disc Golf is played and enjoyed by people of all ages. Introducing Disc Golf to kids gives them an opportunity to put down the ball or get out from behind the screen, for the rest of their lives!
  5. Disc Golf offers a fun way to exercise. It provides upper and lower body conditioning, aerobic exercise, and promotes a combination of physical and mental abilities that allow very little risk of physical injury.

Bonus Reason: In certain situations, opening up your course to the public (during your off season) can help bring in added revenue. Charging $5-$10 to play is acceptable and a makes for a great way to see a quick return on your investment.



Today is your chance to get ahead of the curve. We are happy to work with any camp no matter the size, type or location. Our goal here is to get more kids playing Disc Golf. Not sure how Disc Golf could work at your camp? Contact one of our DiscGolfPark® Representatives today to find out what your options are. Whether it is one School DiscGolfSet Lite, a full 18 hole DiscGolfPark® or just a couple of discs, we’re happy to help set you up for Disc Golf success.


What Is Disc Golf?

The idea of disc golf is similar to the idea of golf. Instead of clubs and balls like in regular golf, the playing equipment of disc golf features a wide variety of plastic frisbees that come in many different shapes and weights. Disc golf target corresponds golf’s hole. The winner of a round of disc golf is the one who completed the course with the least amount of throws.

One significant reason for the rapid growth of disc golf is the fact that it is inexpensive. You can begin playing it with just a couple of discs. Most of the courses are free for everyone to play and they are located in public parks and sporting areas. More information at the Professional Disc Golf Association website.

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