DiscGolfPark Bounty
DiscGolfPark® is looking for new courses in your area. We are looking to team up with local clubs and individuals to achieve this goal while providing you with an opportunity to raise funds while doing so.

The deal is simple. If you or your club provides us with a new, non-existing contact that results in the installation of a full DiscGolfPark®, you can claim your bounty reward.

In addition to a new professionally designed course in your area, DiscGolfPark® will provide you with 100 Discmania® discs
of your choice from our then available sales selection.


1. Send your lead and shipping details to sales@discgolfpark.net.

2. The resulting course must be a full DiscGolfPark®.
( = TeePads, TeeSigns, InfoBoard, DiscGolfPark® Targets, design and graphics)

3. The discs will be shipped to you in two weeks after the course has officially been opened.

4. You can send us leads until Dec 31st 2017. They will be valid for a reward for orders confirmed by Dec 31st 2018.

The bounty ends on December 31st 2017, so get hunting!