Released: Dec 5th, 2015

After designing hundreds of new disc golf courses at its origins in Europe, we are happy to launch DiscGolfPark operations in the main disc golf market – the United States.

DiscGolfPark® is a unique disc golf course concept developed in Finland. It is based on the idea of building sports facilities in an environmentally friendly way. It is a complete solution for establishing a disc golf course. DiscGolfPark includes professional course design and all equipment needed for a versatile, interesting and safe disc golf course.

Paul McBeth putting in Järva DiscGolfPark during the European Masters in 2014.

Paul McBeth in Järva DiscGolfPark during the European Masters in 2014.


500 DiscGolfParks by 2020

“Our mission is to help make disc golf a bigger and better sport in the United States.”, says Erno Väyrynen, the head of DiscGolfPark operations in the US. DiscGolfPark is a main factor behind the disc golf boom in Europe, especially in Finland. For example, if the US had the same amount of courses as we do in Finland per capita, there would be 30,000 courses in the US today. Instead, there are only 6,000-7,000. So there’s room for thousands and thousands more disc golf courses in this country.

“Our goal is to design 500 DiscGolfParks in the US by 2020. We have taken action to achieve this by creating a sales and course designer network across the country. We are happy to have found a group of people who are passionate about making a difference in the sport. “, Väyrynen says.



DiscGolfPark US Sales Network 

See our contact details here.


Here’s a few words from some our representatives:


Avery Jenkins at the St. Jude Disc Golf Charity Invitational 2015.

Avery Jenkins at the St. Jude Disc Golf Charity Invitational 2015.

Avery Jenkins is the 2009 World Champion in disc golf and one of the great ambassadors of the sport. We are thrilled to have him in our network, as we are certain he can make a huge impact through his vast knowledge and contact network in the sport.

“I’m thoroughly excited about my new opportunity with DiscGolfPark because I truly believe that it’s the best Disc Golf Course Design concept in existence. It’s the complete Disc Golf solution providing professional course mapping/design, affordable high quality disc golf equipment, course listing and classification to provide players with a great outdoor recreational experience. What I like about it most is that the well designed DiscGolfPark can be established practically anywhere and it will contribute to the community by producing an exciting, athletic activity that the entire family can enjoy together.”, Avery says.

– What do you think is important when designing courses?

“I think that it is very important to design fun, entertaining and challenging courses no matter the length or the amount of holes. I just want the courses that I design to be interesting for all that play them. Whether it’s a city park, a state park, an existing golf course or a school, there’s a definite need for more outdoor recreational activities for adults as well as children. The sport of Disc Golf caters to players of any age and skill level. The key is to design courses suitable for all players and their particular abilities. ”

“Throughout my 16-year career as an Elite Touring Professional I have played over 800+ courses in 16 different countries throughout the world. I’m very critical when it comes to course design as I thoroughly understand the shapes of fairways, proper locations of certain obstacles and the appropriate flow of a properly designed course. I play all types of courses so that I’m able to acquire the knowledge and the expertise that is required to produce a solid course layout. I like to use the natural aesthetics and contours of the landscape to reveal appealing fairway shapes to create a captivating experience for the player.”


dana_pictureDana Vicich a top level player and disc golf ambassador most people know. He’s always worked hard for the betterment of the sport. You also might have seen him on SmashBoxxTV.

“I’m excited. I feel that my goals and DiscGolfPark’s goals are one in the same. We are going to do good things for disc golf here in the United States.”, Dana says.

– What kind of a course designer you are?

“I’m a ‘big picture’ course designer. I like to step back and look at my designs from the eyes of the park district, the non disc golfing public, and from beginner to advanced level disc golfers. It is important to keep everyone in mind.”

– What do you think is important when designing courses?

“For me, it starts with safety. From there I like to find fun and interesting holes that have a good flow.”

– What do you think about the DiscGolfPark concept?

“I love the simplicity of it. It makes things easy on my end, selling and designing the courses. And it makes it even easier for a Park District to get a course in their community. It is a true turnkey solution for disc golf courses.”

I invite anyone who is interested to come and visit us at the upcoming IPRA/IAPD Soaring to New Heights Conference (Hyatt Regency in Chicago) on Jan 28-29. Already have a course in your park? Maybe your course is ready for a basket upgrade or a set of turf tee-pads. Come see what all we at DiscGolfPark have to offer!”, Dana ends.


Tim Gostovic is a man behind the main disc golf course directory – the Disc Golf Course Review. He has a great overall understanding of the US disc golf course scene and brings his valuable expertise in our group.

– Tim, what kind of a course designer you are?

Being on-site is key to making sure the holes being designed play well. I like to walk a property and familiarize myself with it and roughly plan out potential holes. After walking the property, I come up with a variety of hole ideas and whittle them down to the best 9 or 18 depending on the size of the course being designed. Then it’s a matter of refining those final holes into a cohesive, fun design.

– What do you think is important when designing courses?

Designing holes that are fun while still being challenging. A hole that is difficult for the sake of being difficult might make a course “hard” but it certainly won’t make a course fun.  If you want people to enjoy a course and continue to come back to it, you have to strike a balance between difficulty and fun factor.


Patrick Sandvig recently graduated from Colorado State University with a Masters in Accountancy and is currently sitting for the CPA examinations. He has a dream to make a career in sport he loves and we were more than happy starting with him after doing a few successful market researchs with him. He has played since 2007 and brings his analytical thinking to our sales team’s benefit.

– Pat, what are your feelings when starting with DiscGolfPark sales?

“DiscGolfPark is an amazing organization that is passionate about expanding the sport of disc golf. I am not only excited to join such a prestigious team, but I am also looking forward to challenges this opportunity presents. DiscGolfPark is a chance to have my skills and qualifications make a difference, and contribute to a sport that I am very passionate about.”

– What do you think is important when designing courses?

“Safety is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of importance. It is important to keep all users of the space in mind when designing a course. I think utilizing the space provided to the best of its abilities is also very important when designing a course. Not every course can be an 18-hole champion style course, but it can provide a variety of shots to create a fun and unique round of golf.”

– What do you like in the DiscGolfPark concept?

“I think the most important concept of DiscGolfPark is the professional feel of a disc golf course.  Tee pads, baskets and signs bring a feel of professionalism to any course, and add to the credibility of the sport. They also lend to an all-around better experience navigating a course. Nothing is worse than taking a trip to a new course and not knowing if you are playing it correctly.”


Concept Introduction

DiscGolfPark offers a complete service from course equipment to a variety of services. Everything that is needed for your disc golf course project.

Watch the video to see what’s it all about:

Our process goes like this:

  1. If you have an area for a disc golf course, we’ll do a free online mapping for you.
  2. After discussions, we will agree what kind of a DiscGolfPark is best for the area and we’ll make an offer.
  3. If the offer is accepted, we’ll agree a timeline for the project.
  4. When we come to the site to design the course, we’ll have an initial meeting before the design to make sure all details will be taken into account.
  5. After the design work is complete, the course designer introduces the design to the customer.
  6. Shipping of course equipment and maps.
  7. Installation of the course – course ready for play!

All this can be done in only one month at its fastest! Read more about our design process.

For more information on our course equipment here.


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